Honnen Shield Programs
Want to maximize your equipment investment? Get Honnen Shield today!

A well maintained piece of equipment:

    arrow.gif   Is more productive

    arrow.gif  Has less downtime

    arrow.gif  Increases revenue

    arrow.gif  Has a higher resale / trade value

Honnen Equipment has developed three levels of planned maintenance to assist you in maximizing machine uptime and minimizing maintenance cost.  Compare features and choose the Honnen Shield Program that best fits your preventative maintenance and equipment management needs.

Program Features: Shield
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Tracking
checkmark.gif checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Flexible Scheduling to Minimize Downtime checkmark.gif checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Honnen Fluid Analysis and Precise Recommendations checkmark.gif checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Customer Performs all Scheduled Services checkmark.gif    
Customizable Parts Kit using Genuine John Deere Filters checkmark.gif    
All Makes Equipment checkmark.gif checkmark.gif  
Honnen Equipment Performs all Scheduled Services   checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Preventative Maintenance and Safety Inspections Performed by Certified Technicians   checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
JDLink Remote Machine Monitoring and Service Advisor Remote Machine Diagnostics   checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Includes Travel Time on all Scheduled Services   checkmark.gif checkmark.gif
Includes Travel Time on all Repairs and Deductible for all Warranty Repairs     checkmark.gif
New John Deere and Hitachi only     checkmark.gif
Comprehensive Machine Warranty Coverage     checkmark.gif

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