JDLink Machine Monitoring System

JDLink gives you remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data and reports to you 24/7/365. Now you can easily see what equipment is earning and which machines are idling - all the while keeping preventative maintenance tabs on each machine in your fleet. Take a look at all you can do with your fleet from your seat - wherever your seat may be.

JDLink optimizes utilization and increases revenue by:

  • Monitoring machine health
  • Documenting machine and operator productivity
  • Increasing uptime through alerts of potential downtime
  • Extending life through preventative maintenance
  • Recovering stolen machines through GPS tracking

JDLink lets you control your fleet from your laptop



JDLink Offers You Three Equipment Management Solutions to Boost Your Efficiency

JDLink Ultimate

JDLink Express

JDLink Locate

  • John Deere machine exclusive
  • Most Advanced features
  • Cellular / Satellite
  • Diagnostic trouble-code alerts
  • Utilization and engine-load levels
  • Operator-productivity indicators
  • Remote diagnostics and programming
  • and much more>>
  • All-Makes Solution
  • Advanced features
  • MC-3 terminal or OBD
  • Three-wire connection
  • Location & Geo-fencing
  • Engine Hours and Curfew
  • On-Demand Updates
  • Universal Telematics
  • All-Makes Solution
  • Most basic option
  • Asset tracking terminal
  • Battery operated
  • Location
  • Geo-fencing
  • Enhanced security
  • Universal Telematics


JDLink may very well be installed in some of your fleet machines already.

JDLink Ultimate ships as standard equipment in many current John Deere machines, so take advantage of the benefits. JDLink Ultimate is available as an option on many other pieces of equipment, and JDLink Select can be added to any machine in your fleet.

Click Here for an interactiveguide on the JDLink Machine Monitoring System See what our customers are saying. Watch the Customer Testimonial from HK Contractors.

*Information on website and mobile app requires active JDLink Subscription.

Contact Honnen Equipment JD Link Administrator, James Brunsman with questions about JDLink or call your local Honnen Equipment branch.

Already have JDLink?

JDLink Mobile App

React quickly to issues as they arise. Get JDLink on the go with the JDLink Mobile App for your smart phone.   No need to start up your desktop, launching the app only takes a few seconds.

JDLink Mobile Apps
The application includes a number of interactive JDLink features, including:

  • Multiple machine mapping
  • Directions to machines
  • Ping and share locations of machines
  • View and acknowledge alerts

Plus, JDLink can be setup to send vital information and alerts alerts via email or straight to you via text so you’re always in the know.

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