Important Rental Information
  • 4-Week Rental Rates based on maximum 176-hour month.
  • Weekly Rates = 4-Week Rate / 3 (maximum 40-hours)
  • Additional hours accumulated will be billed accordingly.
  • All units subject to availability.
  • Rates do not include sales tax, insurance coverage, use tax, or freight.


  • All units are rented with a full tank of fuel.
  • Fuel added upon return will be charged to the customer.


  • Purchase Option Rental Rates are available upon request, offering lower rates in exchange for longer commitments. Call for details.


  • Choose between servicing the machine yourself or have our service department do it for you.  Rental PM Agreements are scheduled and priced based on hourly usage.  Ask about this option today.


  • Insurance with property damage and general liability coverage of $1,000,000.
  • Checking and maintaining all fluid levels daily.
  • Daily inspection of unit for damage, leaks, etc.
  • Checking and maintaining all fluid levels daily.
  • Lubricating required areas daily.
  • Changing all filters & fluids at required intervals per the machine operator's manual to include oil sampling.
  • Replacing teeth and cutting edges as required.
  • Returning unit in reasonably clean condition.
  • Milling Machines to be returned with new teeth.
  • Any damage to rented unit including tire damage or excessive wear.
  • Excessive cleaning will be billed per time required at standard labor rate.

Note: ship weights are approximate and listed in pounds. Rental rates are in U.S. dollars. Rates subject to change without notice.