Hitachi Rigid Frame Trucks - EH-Series
The Hitachi truck frame is still the strongest in its class. The unique trailing-arm suspension pioneered by Euclid minimizes frame stress and fatigue while providing lower tire wear and better steering. Now, vertical integration of Hitachi engineering and parts has led to new designs and updates of previous features, for improved productivity and reliability. The Hitachi-designed and-built AC-drive system utilizes the world-proven Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) drive technology. Hitachi is the only truck available with a drive system designed and built by the same company as the truck.


Net Power 760 hp
Operating Weight (empty)     240,194 lb.
Rated Payload 70 tons
Heaped Capacity 54.3 cu. yd.
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Net Power 1,200 hp
Operating Weight (empty)     360,015 lb.
Rated Payload 94 tons
Heaped Capacity 79 cu. yd.
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