Kleemann Mobile Impact Crushers - MOBIREX


Mobile impact crushers - MOBIREX

The track mounted jaw crushers of the MOBIREX series are used for soft to medium-hard natural stone and for the reprocessing of residual construction materials. What is important today, in addition to the quality of the end product, is environmental and cost awareness, availability and a wide field of application. The MOBIREX machines unite all these requirements. In the process, they guarantee an end product that represents the high demands of concrete and asphalt granulation standards with regard to grain shape, grain distribution and cleanliness.

MR 110 Zi EVO 2
Contractor Line with an additional benefit in terms of economy and operation safety. Universally adaptable plant which is suited for processing both blasted natural stone, asphalt and demolition waste as well as producing a first-class end quality product. Despite its comparatively "small" crusher inlet size of 44'' x 32'' (1,100 x 800 mm), it achieves outputs, that up to now, were only known to be achievable with larger crushing plants. Maximum input capacities of 386 US t /h (350 t/h) can easily be attained. In primary screening, an independent double-deck pre screen is applied. For a classified end product, the plant can be fitted with a high performance final screen.

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Model Feed Capacity Crusher Inlet Engine Power Machine Weight
MR 110 Zi EVO 2
386 US t/h
48" x 32" 444 HP 120,150 lbs.