Machine Inspections
Machine Inspections: Just plain smart

Honnen Equipment’s John Deere Inspections help you catch problems before you get to work, so you avoid downtime and save money.  The more you know about your equipment’s condition the more control you have for proactive maintenance and repair needs.

Consistent machine inspections can increase machine performance and reliability. With every Technical Analysis, a knowledgeable Honnen Equipment technician provides a comprehensive report to aid you in making critical cost-saving decisions for repairs and adjustments.


John Deere inspections are available for:
-  Backhoes
-  4 Wheel Drive Loaders
-  Excavators
-  Motor Graders
-  Dozers
-  Articulated Dump Trucks


Machine Inspections and Technical Analysis by Certified Techs

o    Check operation of machine
o    18-point safety inspection
o    Check heater operation
o    Inspect air intake system
o    Check cycle times
o    Evaluate GET condition
o    Thoroughly inspect system for leaks
o    and more!
o    Check engine RPM’s
o    Test coolant condition
o    Take fluid samples
o    Clean and load test batteries
o    Check and adjust tire psi
o    Check track sag
o    Check undercarriage for excessive wear
o    Grease machine complete
o    Check transmission performance
o    Measure torque converter stall RPM
o    Check park brake operation
o    Check hydraulic system relief
o    Check system load sense/diff pressure
o    Perform interactive diagnostic testing

Every time your machine comes in to one of our service centers, Honnen Equipment provides a complimentary 94-Point Inspection.  Take it to the next level and schedule a Technical Analysis for a more thorough evaluation!

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Crane Inspections

We have a certified Annual Inspection program for your lifting equipment, no matter what make or model you own.  Our technicians have the experience to identify any deficiencies and to correct or recommended any service work that should be performed.

Crane Inspections

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