Remote Diagnostics
Know Before You Go - Service Advisor Remote Diagnostics

Your fleet management and maintenance team gain twice the bench strength when Honnen Equipment and your machines are connected through remote diagnostics (enabled by JDLink) – the advantages to owning John Deere just got a lot more compelling.

With John Deere’s exclusive remote diagnostics, we can diagnose problems with your machine and initiate solutions without visiting the jobsite and charging you for a technician’s travel time.

 SA-Did-You-Know.gif Our service departments can remotely:
  • View, clear and reset diagnostic trouble codes
  • Record machine parameters (temperatures, pressures, rpm, etc.)
  • Perform controller software updates*
 *Limited to Remote Certified controllers and payloads that do not require calibration.


The Game has Changed

While the fundamentals of our businesses remain the same, new technologies are changing the rules.  These three examples show how JDLink, Remote diagnostics and Honnen Equipment work together to reduce the cost and downtime of on-site repairs resulting in faster, less costly repairs.

The first example shows how we can discover improper machine operation that could lead to downtime.
SAR-example-1-step-1-(1).gif 1. YOUR MACHINE
(enabled by JDLink)
sends a "transmission
overheat alert" to Honnen
from the worksite.
SAR-example-1-step-2-(1).gif 2. Honnen accesses
JDLINK website and
discovers transmission
retarder usage equals
just one percent of
operating time.
SAR-example-1-step-3-(1).gif 3. Honnen calls the
customer and makes
connection -diagnostic
trouble codes show
everything is OK.
SAR-example-1-step-4-(1).gif 4. HONNEN confirms
that the machine is fine,
but suggests operator
training to ensure proper
transmission retarder
usage to prevent future
catastrophic drivetrain
RESULTS: Honnen detects improper machine operation with the potential to cause expensive, time-consuming repairs and addresses without having to send a technician to the jobsite.

The second example portrays a remote software upgrade without even making a jobsite visit.


 SAR-example-2-step-1-(1).gif 1. Honnen receives an
engine emission alert
(enabled by JDLink).
 SAR-example-1-step-2-(2).gif 2. Honnen assumes
excessive idling (a common
cause of emissions related issues)
is the culprit, but the JDLINK
website shows the machine
actively working.
 SAR-example-1-step-3-(2).gif 3. Honnen contacts
customer, establishes
and views the engine
misfire reading.
SAR-example-2-step-4-(1).gif 4. HONNEN matches
misfire symptom with a
service bulletin that iden-
tifies the problem and
requires a software update
- Honnen deploys an
Electronic Control Unit
(ECU) payload via
 to update the
software and resolve the
RESULTS: Honnen prevents downtime by correctly diagnosing and repairing the problem remotely.

The third example shows how we can send the right part to the jobsite the first time. All three examples deliver significant time and cost savings.


SAR-example-3-step-1-(1).gif 1. YOUR MACHINE
(enabled by JDLink) sends
Honnen an alert from
the jobsite.
SAR-example-1-step-2-(2).gif 2. Honnen service
technician accesses
JDLINK website and
finds that the grader
is derated.
 SAR-example-1-step-3-(2).gif 3. Honnen contacts
customer, establishes
connection and collects
an EGR flow sensor
reading.The results
confirm that the sensor
SAR-example-3-step-4-(1).gif 4. HONNEN sends
technician to the jobsite
with a new sensor in
hand for on-site repair.
RESULTS: Honnen diagnoses problem remotely and sends technician to the jobsite with correct part for quick repair, avoiding an initial trip for diagnosing the problem.