Customer Support Advisors (CSA)
Our Customer Support Advisors (CSA) program is a vital component of supporting our customers. Let one of our CSAs show you how one-stop shop for parts and service and simplify your equipment maintenance. Our CSA's earn their certification from John Deere. Their goal in our organization is to share their knowledge and expertise with you to help you reduce your owning and operating costs.

Not only are our CSAs available by phone, they are available right at your door. That's right, we know that your time is valuable and so we will make every effort to come to you to discuss and analyze your needs. Our CSA's can help deliver attachments and parts and help to schedule service too!

Click here to locate your Customer Support Advisor>>

Undercarriage Inspections and Appraisals

Our CSA's have a state-of-the-art, lightweight tool that makes undercarriage appraisals fast and easy, eliminating the need to carry pens, clipboard, calipers, and depth gauges.  The John Deere Ultrasonic Undercarriage Measurement Tool is designed to help manage undercarriage wear and plan maintenance – and it fits in the palm of a hand.

Secure Extended Warranties>>

Secure Extended Warranty gives you a fixed cost for machine repairs for a given period of time so you can effectively manage costs. Whether you work in a severe-service setting or just want to spread the risk of doing business, this is a great way to custom-fit coverage for youroperation. And a SECURE-Extended contract also travels well because it’s backed by John Deere and is honored by all Deere Construction dealers.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement>>

PM Agreements give you a fixed cost for maintaining a machine for a given period of time. They also help you avoid downtime by ensuring that critical maintenance work gets done right and on schedule. On-site preventive maintenance service performed where and when you need it helps protect you from the expense of catastrophic failures and lets you avoid waste-disposal hassles.


John Deere Customer Personal Service


Shape Your World!

The John Deere Customer Personal Service Program is designed to help you manage and reduce costs and increase uptime. Are you looking for more technical information and diagnostic assistance? Are you interested in calculating Owning and Operating costs?

With Customer Personal Service, you will have around the clock, Internet-based access to information and solutions regarding your equipment, parts and service. To learn more about CPS Online, Click here for the CPS brochure, or Contact your local Customer Support Advisor.

Access CPS Online, or click the links below.

Owning and Operating Information

Factory Fill Charts>>
Contain the factory recommended fluids from a machine’s Operator's Manual.

Fluid Capacities>>
Provides a quick reference of system capacities per machine model.

John Deere University>>
Provides access to courses including Basic Undercarriage, Diesel Engine Basics, Basic Drivetrain & Tires, Basic Hydraulics, Basic Electrical and Operator Training.

Order Manuals Online>>* Customers are able to order John Deere manuals online from CPS. These manuals include Operator's Manuals, Parts Catalogs, Technical Manuals, Component Technical Manuals, Training Guides & Videos and Installation Instructions.

Order Parts (JD Parts)>>* For the convenience of ordering parts from one’s home or shop, customers have access to JD Parts. JD Parts provides 24/7 access to the dealer’s parts counters, enabling customers to check part availability and place an order. JD Parts also includes a Resource Center with informational parts documents.

Parts Catalog>>
Allows customers to search for parts from a variety of search options.

Product Improvement Programs>>
Would you like to know if any Product Improvement Programs exist for your machines? Search by serial number to find out if any exist.

Product Purchasing and Comparison Information

On-Line Configurator>>
This application provides the capability for a user to configure or build a machine. The tool will offer available features or options for the user to select.

Operating and Owning Costs>>
An Excel application for calculating owning and operating costs. The user is required to enter a variety of information about the machine acquisition costs, operating costs and machine use.

There are other CPS programs available to large customers. These Secure Dealer Sponsored Applications are featured below.

*Application requires a username and password.

Dealer Sponsored Applications

The following CPS programs are available to large customers. Please contact your local Customer Support Advisor or one of our service departments today to get signed up!


Customer Technical Assistance Center is an application that allows the user to search the factory technical solutions database for known issues and solutions. This is the same search application that is used by your Deere dealer during issue diagnosis.

Total Repair Cost Management

Total Repair Cost Management (TRCM) is part of John Deere’s proactive, fix-before-fail strategy on machine maintenance that will help control costs, increase profits, and reduce stress.  There is a comprehensive lineup of ongoing programs included.

Service Advisor for Customers*

This program allows customers to view manuals and perform machine diagnostics. The system also allows the customer to search the DTAC Solutions database. (Deere Technical Assistance Center)

Equipment Technical Specifications

Manuals designed for the experienced service technician. The technician should be familiar with the diagnostic and repair procedures for the machine being repaired.

Competitive Spec Comparison

Competitive Spec Comparison provides a detailed machine specification comparison between Deere and competitive units.