Equipment Health
Keep your machine in top health!

Honnen Shield Programs


The Honnen Shield Programs are specifically designed to make your routine machine maintenance and repairs easier. All three programs are customizable for your preferences for service intervals and you can even customize other parts to ship with the kits. Whether you just want service kits to show up at your door automatically for you perform the maintenance, or if you want the service performed professionally by our service technicians, we have the plan for you. Learn more>>

Honnen Fluid Analysis

Honnen Fluid Analysis

Honnen Fluid Analysis provides Oil, Coolant, and Diesel Fuel Analysis. Regularly scheduled Fluid Analysis will keep you informed as to what's going on with the performance of your equipment. The more informed you are about the condition of your machine the more knowledgable your decisions become for scheduling preventative maintenance and not having to put up with un-scheduled downtime. Read on>>

Honnen Pledge Programs

Want more value? The Honnen Pledge

The Honnen Pledge gives you more value for your new & qulaifying John Deere or Hitachi construction equipment and also John Deere Commercial Worksite Products. The Honnen Pledge includes the balance of the basic warranty, the initital break in service and even a loader in certain machine down situations. It is our commitment for you to know we are working for you. More details>>

Machine Inspections

Advance warning signs are everywehere, but not always for your equipment.  That's where Honnen Equipment's inspections come in handy. Did you know, every time your machine comes in to one of our sevice centers, we provide a compleimentary General Inspection.  Take it to the next leve and schedule a Technical Analysis for a more thorough evaluation!  More details>>